Thoreau Redcrow

Dr. Thoreau Redcrow is an American global conflict analyst who…

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Thomas Jeffrey Miley

Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley is a lecturer of Political Sociology in…

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Theo Mitchell

Theo Mitchell holds a BA in Politics and International Relations…

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Shilan Fuad Hussain

Dr. Hussain is currently a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow in the…

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Rojin Mukriyan

Rojin Mukriyan is a PhD candidate in the department of Government…

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Hussain Jemmo

Hussain Jummo is a Kurdish writer from Syria. He has written…

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Hawzhin Azeez

Hawzhin Azeez holds a PhD in political science and International…

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Govand Azeez

Dr. Govand Azeez is is a Lecturer in the Department of Modern…

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