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We welcome in-depth multidisciplinary analysis, articles and opinion pieces on the Kurdish issue. From geopolitics, security and peace studies, gender and environmentalism, history, art and literature, economic analysis and more. Current contributors range from Kurds in Kurdistan or in diaspora, as well as experts on the Kurds. We also welcome book reviews and interviews with authors and experts publishing new research on the Kurds.

Emerging scholars specializing in the Kurdish issue are also encouraged to submit articles.

Articles should not be longer than 2000 words. Please submit an edited copy of the article to the Editor along with a short bio (3-4 sentences) of the author. We do accept limited citations using endnote. The referencing system should follow the Chicago style.

For editorial inquiries and opinion pieces please contact the English Editor, Hawzhin Azeez at: [email protected].


  • KCS Editorial Board

    The KCS Editorial Board consists of a number of international editors located globally who blind review and read articles as they are submitted. The Board involves individuals with a PhD or Master's level of education relating to the Kurdish issue, political theory, economics, conflict theory, democracy, state and nation building amongst other disciplines. At times the board will co-publish articles in order to protect the privacy of contributors or if a topic is of extreme importance and requires urgent attention. Feel free to submit proposals or articles to the Board at [email protected].