Welcome to a New Era at The Kurdish Center for Studies

By KCS Editorial Board

We at the editorial board of The Kurdish Center for Studies are incredibly proud to announce that we have officially launched the English version of the Center. The Kurdish Center for Studies has operated in Arabic since 2014. More recently, a critical decision was made to open the Center to both Kurdish and English sections.

We feel hopeful that this new chapter will open an important and critical platform for Kurdish academics, scholars, writers, artists and activists – as well as pro-Kurdish allies and researchers.

For too long the history, identity, and culture of the Kurds has been written in the voice and language of the oppressors and the political and global elite who analyzed and presented the tragic plight of the Kurds in their own words, ideological alignments, and national interests.

In the era of unprecedented informational technology and social media revolution we aim to promote the voice of the Kurds – with all its diversity, ideological richness,  and aspiration towards democracy and freedom – and their allies.

We look forward to presenting a range of up and coming academics and scholars, as well as established researchers, across a range of institutions and universities globally – while always privileging and promoting the voices of Kurdish women and other minority groups within the complex terrain of the Kurdish question both across Greater Kurdistan and the diaspora.

We would love to hear your pitch and research ideas in relation to any aspect of Kurdish politics, society, culture, economics, history and identity. Please feel free to contact us via [email protected].

You can also follow us on our social media pages including Twitter @KurdishCenterGR and Facebook ‘The Kurdish Center for Studies’.

The Editorial Team

The Kurdish Center for Studies


  • KCS Editorial Board

    The KCS Editorial Board consists of a number of international editors located globally who blind review and read articles as they are submitted. The Board involves individuals with a PhD or Master's level of education relating to the Kurdish issue, political theory, economics, conflict theory, democracy, state and nation building amongst other disciplines. At times the board will co-publish articles in order to protect the privacy of contributors or if a topic is of extreme importance and requires urgent attention. Feel free to submit proposals or articles to the Board at [email protected].

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