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Looking Back on LSE’s 2023 Kurdish Studies Conference

Back on April 24th and 25th of 2023, the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Middle East Centre held what became the largest Kurdish studies conference ever assembled. The inaugural event was held with the support of LSE’s Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity (AFSEE) program based at the International Inequalities Institute, the […]

Orientalism’s Historical Impact on Kurdish Studies

Historically, research in Kurdistan and about the Kurds entailed outsiders who have presented Kurdish identity and history to fit within the margins of their Eurocentric worldview and interests. The literature that emerged including travelogues, reports, diaries, novels, and historical writings emerged from the perspective of legitimizing Western imperial objectives and justifying its cultural hegemony, while […]

Who are The Kurdish Center for Studies?

Dear KCS readers, After having launched a Kurdish language version, we gladly inform you that we have now set up an English language edition, as part of the Center’s commitment to developing its activities since its establishment in Arabic in 2014. We hope the English edition will provide an important platform for academics, researchers, writers, […]