Reviewing Izady’s ‘The Kurds: A Concise Handbook’

Since the start of the 20th century, the discipline of Kurdish studies and the West’s understanding of Kurdish culture lagged behind all other ethnographic analyses produced on the Middle East. Consequently, the images produced about Kurdish culture and identity were often fragmented and incomplete at best. At worst, they were erroneous and demonstrated a total […]

An Enduring Legacy: The Republic of Mahabad & Qazi Muhammad

It is clear that the example of Mahabad lives still vividly, powerfully in the collective memory and aspirations of the Kurds. Mahabad has served to provide a collective and unifying memory and example of liberation for the Kurds- it is indeed one of the examples, that irrespective of the artificial borders across the four parts of Kurdistan, serves to unify a still deeply divided people. Like the unifying myth of Kurdish origins of Kawa the Ironsmith that underpins the mythology of Newroz, Mahabad is no myth, no mere imaginary figment of a people long oppressed, divided, conquered and terrorized.

Who is The Kurdish Center for Studies?

Dear KCS readers, After having launched a Kurdish language version, we gladly inform you that we have now set up an English language service, as part of the center’s commitment to developing its activities since it was established in Arabic in 2014. We hope the English service would offer an important platform for academics, researchers, […]

We Welcome a New Era at The Kurdish Center for Studies

We at the editorial board of The Kurdish Center for Studies are incredibly proud to announce that we have officially launched the English version of the Center. The Kurdish Center for Studies has operated in Arabic language since 2014. More recently a critical decision was made to open the Center to both Kurmanci and English […]

Miley: Redefining Self-Determination in our Collective Existential Crises

The Kurdish Center for Studies (KCS) recently conducted an interview with Dr. Thomas Jeffrey Miley, Lecturer in Political Sociology in the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge. In the interview, Miley shares his expertise on defining “nation” and “nationalism” and elaborates on Abdullah Öcalan’s democratic nation and his reinterpretation of the concept of […]